The Cover

The PERCEPT project is always open and looking forward to suggestions, critique, exhibitions, collaborations, and other kinds of law-abiding (not strictly required) social and asocial interaction!

The imagery presented here is also available for purchase in various sizes (and up to 200 centimetres wide to ensure top-notch quality). All images are printed on film with 12-tone pigment ink (or, if extreme width is required, with latex ink) and carefully applied to a durable 6 millimetre PVC plastic. All exhibits are of limited quantity, thirteen (13) copies each only.

For any inquiries, questions, production & sales, contract & custom works, or just because you can, please contact our dedicated, still fully biological and highly functional human workhorse, Mebot.

You can request a convenient and up-to-date PDF catalogues of the series as well, if you so desire.

The Book

If you would like to contact the author directly, have a lengthy discussion about whether or not the Alien should have yawned in the escape pod in 1979, or if Dieter Rams should conduct spaceship design for Elon Musk, or get straight down to creating or deconstructing imagery, you can do so by clicking here: Art's secret email address.

You can also find him on various social networking sites, such as Facebook, Instagram and even Google+, believe it or not!

Please enjoy your stay while browsing the project's series, and always feel free to leave feedback!